Owned and operated by

Lin and Sam Viviano

Updated 9/17/23


Pastures and Paddocks

You will notice that our fencing is woven plastic tape.  We have found that this tape is the safest fencing we have ever used for horses.  It does have electric in it otherwise the horses would have no respect for it.  If they kick into it or become entangled the material will break with no injury to the horse other than a little lose of hair.

We do not have "gang" turnout here we instead pair up compatible horses in large paddocks, no more than three per paddock.

We raise all of our owe hay, so we know what we are feeding.  Our hay is high quality mixed grasses, mostly timothy, orchard grass, and brome grass.  We also raise a limited amount of alfalfa.  From time to time we plant sweet corn.  We feed both small square bales in the stalls and inside stored small round bales in the paddocks at all times - free choice.